Walk-in- Interview for Research Associate and Research Assistant. Date: 22-Feb-2024. at 11:00 am || Two Days' Workshop on Quantitative Data Analysis using STATA, 26–27 February, 2024 || Call for Papers: ICSSR Sponsored Two Days National Seminar on Evolving Paradigm of Healthcare in India: Bridging Gaps & Envisioning Progress, 28–29 February, 2024 ||

This Course offers students an innovative, flexible, and customizable path toward an interdisciplinary degree. The aim of this two-year Master’s programme (multiple entries and exits) is to develop the skills and independent critical thinking required for the ‘knowledge work force’ of the future and for students interested in working in the academics, industry and development sector. The course also prepares students for further independent academic research. Communication skills, the ability to access and utilize information of all kinds, a systematic understanding of development, politics, democracy, public health, economy and environment is essential for the future society which is increasingly becoming complex and multicultural. 

Students will acquire and develop a range of valuable skills which are discipline specific and more general ‘employability’ skills.

Skills will include:

The ability to collect, analyze and interpret a range of complex data;
A range of appropriate qualitative and quantitative research skills;
The use and application of information technologies;
The ability to communicate and present ideas and findings in a variety of ways, for example, in writing, and orally;
The ability to solve problems, and to work both individually and in groups;
The ability to develop an interdisciplinary, critical academic argument, drawing on the social, cultural and development theories and methods;
The ability to integrate both Indian and global knowledge systems and skills.

G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Jhusi, Prayagraj-211019, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

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