Walk-in- Interview for Research Associate and Research Assistant. Date: 22-Feb-2024. at 11:00 am || Two Days' Workshop on Quantitative Data Analysis using STATA, 26–27 February, 2024 || Call for Papers: ICSSR Sponsored Two Days National Seminar on Evolving Paradigm of Healthcare in India: Bridging Gaps & Envisioning Progress, 28–29 February, 2024 ||


MBR-516: Organization Behaviour


MBR-517: Accountung for Management


MBR-518: Research Methods and Applications


MBR-520: Managerial Economics


MBR-521: Interventions in Rural Settings



MBR-522: Quality of Life and Social Advancement


MBR-616: Strategic Management for Rural Development


MBR-617: Technology for Rural Development


MBR-618: Marketing Management and Rural Markets


MBR-619: Agri-Business and Rural Industries


MBR-620: Management of Social Empowerment


MBR-621: Global Economic Environment and Rural Development

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